Should you be concerned about arsenic or bacteria in your drinking water?

North Carolina

If you live in Union or Stanly county and have well water, the answer is YES! 

A study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) was published in the January 2012 issue of the journal Environment International analyzing arsenic in private well water systems in Union and Stanley counties of North Carolina. An estimated 75,000 people use well water in the two counties.

The study examined over 63,000 well measurements over an 11-year period and found consistently elevated levels of arsenic. Almost 20% of the wells in Stanly and Union counties were above the Environmental Protection Agency standard, and one sample was 80 times the maximum level set by the EPA.  

Arsenic is a semi-metal element in the periodic table. It is odorless and tasteless. It enters drinking water supplies from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural and industrial practices. Arsenic has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidneys, liver and prostate. Arsenic also can cause many other serious noncancerous effects to the body. 

Should you be concerned about bacteria in your water supply?

Municipalites and most community wells are under regulations to use chemical disinfectants to remove bacteria from their water supplies before distributing the water to your home.  When consistently and properly done, this keeps your water free from bacteria, although it introduces chemical tastes and byproducts to your water.

Private wells for homes and small businesses are not under regulation (state or federal) to make sure the water is free from bacteria.  However, the EPA recommends that home owners test their wells at least annually to make sure they are safe. This is because even if the water is safe today, the proliferation of new wells and septic systems increase the chances of bacterial contamination of well water.  Additionally, surface water can occasionally find its way into ground water introducing bacteria and a host of organic contaminants into the ground water.

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*Impurities may not be in your water.